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Dream of flowers without makeup

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Although the outside of the temple is shabby, the inside of the temple is very tidy. Many books are rolled up and stacked in the corner. Ink, paint, brushes and paper are piled on a wooden table with a missing corner. A small cluster of torches was burning in the room, and a bowl of white porridge was being cooked. I went to the wooden table, on which there was an unfinished painting of Guanyin Bodhisattva. Although it is not finished, the appearance of Guanyin is already lifelike. The young man washed his ink-stained hands in the bucket. Looking back, I gazed at his painting. I stepped forward, lifted the scroll, and said lightly, "Let the girl laugh. It's just the work of life." From the bottom of my heart, I exclaimed: "The work of life is so lifelike. The childe is really a master." With a faint smile, the boy threw the painting into the fire and said, "The girl is a person who loves painting and knows painting, and she can't leave this work to make a fool of herself." I rushed over, ignoring the burning fire that burned my skin, and quickly took the painting out of the fire. Unfortunately, the painting had been scorched. The teenager caught my hand in a hurry and saw that his skin was roasted red. He said anxiously, "Why are you so careless?" Dream of Flowers Without Makeup Part 1 Chapter 4 Crisis (5) His fingers were cold, perhaps because of his thin clothes. I shyly drew back my fingers and said in a low voice, "May I ask your name? Why are you sleeping alone in this wild mountain?" The boy said, "My name is Cui Ti. I'm from Miluo Town near here. My family was originally from a scholarly family. My father was a guest of Prince Li Hong. Unfortunately, the prince died early.." Father was also never recorded by the court and returned to his native place. After my parents passed away, I made a living by selling calligraphy and paintings. A layman in Miluo Town wanted to renovate the Guanyin Temple and hired me to live and paint here. Although it is desolate,4k smart board, remote and uninhabited, it is also convenient for me to read and paint. It made the girl laugh. As for Prince Li Hong, I once heard my father say that the prince was noble and kind, intelligent and eager to learn, erudite and talented, and was deeply loved by the late emperor Li Zhi. In particular, he was the crystallization of the love between the late emperor and the empress in the Mandarin dream of Ganye Temple, which was different from other princes in the heart of the late emperor. However, it was because the prince was too honest and dissatisfied with the arbitrary power of Wu,touch screen board classroom, who was still the queen at that time, that he offended his mother. After a family banquet, the prince died mysteriously. According to folklore, he was poisoned by the poisonous wine given by his mother. Since Cui Ti's father was a follower of His Royal Highness, the court naturally would not use it again. It's a pity, Trudy, not to mention the talent, but also full of talent. Seeing me staring at him in a daze, he felt a little embarrassed. He took the porridge from the fire and said, "Girl, why did you wander into the wilderness with this young man?"? Here's a bowl of porridge. You must be hungry. Please. His voice did not fall, Li Sanlang has an arrow leap over, unceremoniously reached out to take over, regardless of the curl of hot air on the head to "gurgle" to drink. After drinking, he wiped his lips, stretched out the bowl, burped and said, 75 inch smart board ,touch screen whiteboard, "Brother, I still want.." "Go to sleep over there, or the wolf will bite your ass," I shouted. Li Sanlang stepped back timidly and said sullenly, "I'm not full yet.." Seeing me staring, I had to squat in the corner. Seeing Cui Ti's expression, he knew that he had already understood that Li Sanlang's mind was somewhat abnormal. I sighed and said, "My son's surname is Li, and I am his personal servant girl Xiaoxia. My son is a little stupid.." Just because the childe has a lot of money, he was robbed by a strongman when he went into the mountain to offer incense today. I was separated from the childe and his wife.. Tritty poured porridge for me, but there was no porridge in the bowl. He went to lift the rice jar, but it was empty. Angrily, he smashed the jar and said, "The distinguished guest came to the door today, but there was no rice to entertain him. What's the use of keeping you?" I was a little touched in my heart. Although this man was poor, he was a man of temperament. Smiling, I pointed to the books piled up in the corner and said, "There is a golden house in the book. Are you still worried about the lack of food?" I picked up a book, but a poem fell from the book. I picked it up and read it softly: "Spring returns to the forest garden, and the city of Luoyang is full of flowers.". The Mandarin girl meditates at night, and the dragon mirror is affectionate at dawn. Remembers the dream remnant lamp to fall, leaves the soul dark horse to frighten. Poor morning and evening, upstairs alone Yingying.
"The handwriting was like flowing clouds and flowing water, elegant and elegant. I looked up and asked," Is it a poem by Mr. Cui? That's a good poem. He smiled and said, "The graffiti made Miss Xiaoxia laugh.". Even if she could play with words, she was just a poor scholar who died of old age in a remote place. I put the poem away gently, and my heart was full of admiration for him. Staring at him under the lamplight, although his face was pale, he was handsome and extraordinary. He was really a beautiful jade falling into the world. I said, "Mr. Cui, you can call me Xiaoxia in the future."! I see the childe eyebrows into the temples, like a dragon diving in the sea, the eyes are different, like the bright moon in the sea, the childe will have a bright future, just wait for the opportunity. As soon as the opportunity comes, the Childe will be able to leap onto the Dragon Gate. He was stunned and said with a smile, "Xiaoxia can even read physiognomy.". Thanks to your good words, if I can jump on the Dragon Gate in the future, I will certainly. Be sure to reward Xiaoxia heavily. At this moment, the lights inside the temple were dim, and the bright moon hung high outside the temple. It was really a beautiful day for gifted scholars and beautiful women. I was intoxicated in such an atmosphere when I suddenly heard a discordant snoring like thunder. Looking back, I saw Li Sanlang lying on the ground and sleeping soundly. He's comfortable, but he's messing up a good thing for me. Dream of Flowers Without Makeup Part 1 Chapter 4 Crisis (6) Cui Ti took off his green clothes from his body and shyly handed them to me. "Xiaoxia, the wind is high and the dew is heavy on the mountain. It's a little cold at night. You're tired, too. Go to bed early and cover your clothes." I took the dress, and Trudy turned away and said, "I'm going to get some firewood." Watching his back gradually disappear, I sat by the fire, holding his green clothes, my heart filled with sweetness. He took out a few charred branches and divined them. The divination showed that my marriage was near. Is it really him? Yushu Linfeng's elegant and graceful talent, everything is in line with my mind. Perhaps because of my father's influence,interactive panel board, in my heart, I have been eager to marry a talented and happy husband since I was a child. I don't want to be rich and famous with him, nor do I want to be a wife and son with him. I only hope that we can be congenial and harmonious. hsdsmartboard.com


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